Power & Energy

Power Electronics

This add-on board provides a hands-on device for learning power electronics and power management. Using functional blocks, students can build their own buck converters, regulators, and both DC-to-AC and AD-to-DC converters. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of each component in a power electronics system and how it influences other components to create a cohesive system all while using industry-standard Texas Instruments circuits.

Energy Conversion

The smart management and control of electrical energy generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization is one of the key areas of study and research in electrical engineering departments around the world. For students to build the necessary understanding of these subjects, they must gain a system-level understanding of topics such as switched mode power supply, power conversion and rectification, 3-phase power, and power system integration. 

Green Engineering

Includes user documentation and a lab manual to teach both basic and advanced green engineering concepts. The included courseware covers solar cell characteristics, configuration and performance, electrolysis concepts, hydrogen fuel cell use, and example power plant modeling. To supplement the labs, provides a comprehensive LabVIEW™ VIs that present a dashboard for all the exercises in the workbook.

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