Mechatronic Systems

This device offers accurate timing and control of FPGA-based reconfigurable I/O. Using this board, students investigate and implement various sub-components of a mechatronic system from PWM generation, manipulator control and kinematics, to image processing, and state machines. With the manipulator-mounted camera, customizable task space image overlays, and modifiable LabVIEW controllers, the device can be easily adapted to a wide range of mechatronics application areas such as line following and autonomous navigation.

Mechatronic Actuators

This device helps educators teach students principles of electromagnetic actuation, linear and PWM actuators, brushed and brushless DC motors, stepper motors, and servos. The Mechatronics Actuators Board for NI ELVIS III consists of brushed DC motors, brushless DC motor, unipolar stepper motor, and servo motor. Onboard linear and PWM power amplifiers allow students to experiment with motor power systems. Feedback on the behavior of the motors is provided by onboard current sensing, and photomicrosensor for the brushed DC motor. The courseware covers three overarching topics: motor amplifiers, DC motors, and position-controlled actuators.

Mechatronic Sensors

This device features eleven different sensors: pressure transducer, strain gage, thermistor, sonar and infrared range sensors, optical position sensor, mechanical limit switch, rotary potentiometer and encoder, a capacitive touch sensor, and IMU. Using this board, students learn fundamentals of interfacing with these sensors, including how to collect, calibrate and condition sensor data. Students are also introduced to measurement and instrumentation fundamentals such as signal conditioning and calibration. 

Mechatronic Interfacing

This add-on board introduces students to the fundamentals of microcontroller I/O and interdevice communication including industry standards such as SPI, I2C, and CAN buses. Students can use the LabVIEW™ graphical programming language to control the microcontroller at the register level and build larger control VIs to interact with sensors and display peripherals.

Mechatronics Accessory Kit

The Mechatronics Accessory Kit contains a variety of commonly used motors, sensors, and components: Geared motor 19:1, ultrasonic range finder, compass, servo motor, 3-axis accelerometer, motor adapter for myRIO (compatible with gear motor and servos), 3-axis gyroscope, infrared proximity sensor, ambient light sensor.

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