Digital Electronics

Digital Logic Fundamentals I

Provides an introduction to basic logic gates that can be connected in different ways to perform assignments. The students are introduced to combinational logic, in which the output of a digital network is always a predetermined function of the inputs. These circuits are implemented with logic gates which perform the operations of Boolean algebra. 

Digital Logic Fundamentals II

Provides an extension to the basic logic gates introduced in Digital Logic Fundamentals I trainer. Students are introduced to sequential logic, which consists of a combinational circuit to which storage elements are connected to form a feedback path. The outputs in a sequential circuit are a function not only of the inputs, but also of the present states of the storage elements. 

Digital System Development

This new board features a powerful FPGA as well as a variety of connectors and I/O to allow for a wide range of practical applications for teaching digital electronics. It can be programmed using VHDL or Verilog language throguh the Vivado environment, LabVIEW™ FPGA or Multisim™.

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