Controls & Simulation


This device is designed to accurately match dynamic models based on both physical principles and experimental tests. The servo has a highly linear motor response allowing for accurate modeling and control design. With integrated encoder feedback for both the motor and the optional pendulum accessory, you can easily configure the servo for control tasks ranging from motor speed and position control up to and including inverted pendulum swing-up and balance control. 

Rotary Inverted Pendulum

This add-on board gives students the ability to experiment with classic pendulum control challenges. By designing a control system that balances a vertical rod at the tip of a rotating arm, students gain intuition on control topics such as system modeling, parameter estimation, balance control, linear-quadratic regulator (LQR) design, nonlinear swing-up control, and energy-based design. The plant features a DC servo motor, built-in power amplifier, and optical encoders to sense the position of the pendulum. 

DC Motor Control

This add-on board is designed to illustrate the fundamentals of motor control through a series of exercises involving modeling and controlling a DC motor. Builds intuition by taking models from simulation to implementation using one software platform.

Flight Dynamics and Control

This add-on board is a 1 DOF helicopter system that provides an introduction to flight dynamics, kinematics, and control. The system consists of a variable speed fan mounted on a cantilever arm with a high-resolution optical encoder for position measurement. Teaches flight dynamics, modeling, model validation, PID control, and more. Simulates models and implements controllers in one software platform.

Thermodynamics and Control

This add-on board is ideal for implementing HVAC control experiments. The system is driven by an array of resistors as a heating element and a high-quality brushless fan. You can use the six high-accuracy temperature sensors along the heating channel for a variety of heat flow experiments, model validation, and proportional integral control design. 

Controls - Lab In a Box

The is a turnkey solution for a five-station laboratory. It helps students learn control theory at an undergraduate level using a hands-on approach. The bundle includes:

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